St. Lucia

Anse Chas­tanet & Scuba St. Lucia:

What were Caribbean hotels like before trade winds were replaced by      blasts of air con­di­tion­ing, when morn­ing exer­cise was a walk on the beach and when you sat watch­ing the sun­set instead of cable TV? You can still find that Clas­sic Caribbean at Anse Chas­tanet Resort on St. Lucia’s quiet south­west­ern coast where two mag­i­cal peaks, the Pitons, leap from the sea and the moun­tains are cov­ered with lumi­nous greenery.

 Jade Moun­tain & Scuba St. Lucia:

Expect grand sweep­ing spaces where bed­room, liv­ing area and an extrav­a­gant pri­vate infin­ity pool glide into one another to form extra­or­di­nary plat­forms float­ing out into nature. With the fourth wall entirely absent, Jade Mountain’s sanc­tu­ar­ies are stage-like set­tings from which to embrace the full glory of St Lucia’s Pitons World Her­itage Site, and of course, the eter­nal Caribbean Sea.

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